The reading lenses made of plastic have a special polished form, which guarantees an optimal peripheral vision.
The lenses are glued with special clear sealant from the inside bottom into the visor, so that the field of vision will not be disturbed in any way.
Due to the seal between the lenses and the visor a hollow space results and prevents the field of vision from steaming up
Furthermore an instruction manual is provided for the adjustment of the lenses.
The optical centre of the lenses is calculated by the distance between eyes and visor.
The lenses are available in the strength of: +1,0; +1.5; +2.0; +2.5; +3.0 diopters.
You are also able to order a different diopter strength for each eye.
The glued lenses can be removed again, free of any remains (e.g. change of the lens strength or change of visor). If you need a new seal (e.g. visor change),send your lenses back to us and enclose € 5.- plus shipping and handling. We will mount the new seal, clean your lenses and send them right back to you.
- This product is a reading help, no glasses in the medical sense.
- Only a regular check up of your eyes by a professional will give you optimal vision.
- Only suitable for close vision and reading.
- Not suitable for far vision.