Assembly instructions
  The assembly foil serves to find the best position of the lenses. Pull off the paper from the stick on foil. (foil on white paper)  
  Glue stick on foil from the outside onto the visor. Put on helmet and check position of the stick on foil.  
  Open visor and clean / degrease the inside area of the stick on foil with enclosed cleansing cloth.  
  Pull off protective paper from the lenses. Do not touch lenses on sticky side!!!  
  Lay the inside of the lenses onto your fingers. Attention: Do not touch sealant!!!  
  Glue lenses from the inside into the area of the stick on foil and push hard on sealing surfaces.  
  Pull off stick on foil and do not touch helmet for at least 24 hours at temperature no lower than 18° C or 64° F.  
Attention: processing temperature not under 18° C! Download/Print