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  strength of lenses: right side
+1,0 +1,5 +2,0 +2,5 +3,0  
price for 2 lenses, sealant to glue in, instruction manual:
34,90 € incl. VAT
strength of lenses: left side
+1,0 +1,5 +2,0 +2,5 +3,0  

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  by the distance of the eye to the visor the strength of diopters decrease in proportion to reading glasses as follows:    
your need:your order:
1,00 - 1,50 Diopters1,0 Diopters
1,75 - 2,00 Diopters1,5 Diopters
2,25 - 2,50 Diopters2,0 Diopters
2,75 - 3,00 Diopters2,5 Diopters
3,25 - 3,50 Diopters3,0 Diopters
  The dispatch will only take place on payment in advance and at the risk of the customer, unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Once handed over for shipment the risk transfers over to the customer (post, parcel service, night messenger service, forwarding agency etc.)
Shipping expenses:
  • 4,90 € within Germany
  • 6,90 € in countries inside of the EU, incl. Switzerland and Lichtenstein
  • 8,90 € to all other countries
1. This product is a reading help and no glasses in the medical sense.
2. Only a regular check up of your eyes by a ophthalmologist will give you optimal vision.
3. Only suitable for close vision and reading.
4. Not suitable for far vision.
5. Do not use as ocular protection.
6. Please clean lenses with a customary cleansing cloth.
  Terms of delivery and payment          
1. Following conditions of delivery and payment are effective with placing of order.
2. In consideration of the our steady advancement and improvement our offer is subject to change.
3. Delays in the agreed terms of delivery by force majeure of any kind give no claim to compensation or resignation.
4. Shipping and handling for larger orders will be calculated by occurring costs.
5. The dispatch will only take place on payment in advance and at the risk of the customer, also, if shipping costs are carried by us upon special agreement. The customer has the choice to insure the shipment at his own expense.
6. Disclaimer of liability specifically exists against future defective vision or offence against the Highway Code.
7. The delivered product is to be understood as a reading help - and no reading glasses prescribed by the ophthalmologist.
8. The delivered product remains a property of vendor until payment is complete.
9. Wrong axial angles and false centring can lead to dizzy spells. Wrong diopters can lead to reading error (e.g., speedometer) from which we explicitly dissociate ourselves.
  Reading help and ECE licensing:          
According to research of the safety standards of Bavarian authority the ECE 22/05 does not expire with use of the reading help, because the lenses are made of plastic and the sealant does not harden. Please, note that only clear visors will not bare restrictions. Tinted or mirrored visors may be used only with daylight.